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C530L (Low Torque) Hand Held Capping Machine

C530L (Low Torque) Hand Held Capping Machine

The electric Model C530L handheld capper features a separate power supply which allows the unit to be smaller and lighter for lower torque applications. A trigger lever activates the drive motor and is an ergonomic fit for small hands. This handheld also includes a reversing switch, speed control, and an adjustable clutch. A unique feature is a “Soft-Start” control which allows the user to adjust the rate of acceleration.

WARNING: C530L can not be used to torque over 9 inch pounds of torque. It will overheat and fail. Warranty does not cover overheating.

Features a 9/16" standard thread stud which accepts all Swan-Matic Standard Driver Shells

Customization Available Upon Request

Model NumberInputTorque Range
C530L120 Volt AC.5 - 9 in-lbs