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50PD Fixed Speed Push-on Capping Machine

50PD Fixed Speed Push-on Capping Machine

The model 50PD Capper is intended for push-on caps. While the shaft's motion is up and down, it does not rotate. The general size and construction of the 50PD is similar to the Model 49 Series. THe 50PD cappers have an output of 43 strokes per minute when the line frequency is 60 Hz and 36 strokes per minute at 50 Hz. The cap driver is a flat-bottom, spring-loaded plate. This plate is self-leveling to accomodate tilted or skewed caps. The design of the capper operating mechanism compensates for loading on internal gears, support members and output shaft.

Available Options

Customization Available Upon Request

Model NumberInput
50PD.1120 Volts
50PD.2240 Volts