Swanmatic by Automation Devices

Magnetic Clutch

Precision Magnetic Hysteresis Clutch

Precision Magnetic Hysteresis Clutch

The C390 magnetic hysteresis clutch was developed to provide precise torque for capping applications. It features dial torque setting that provide repeatable cap torque accuracy to +/- 0.1 in-lbs.

The Model C390 clutch is adjustable from 0.5 inch-pounds to 12 inch-pounds. The Model C392 is adjustable from 4 inch-pound to 40 inch-pound. Maximum shaft speed on the Model C300 Swan-Matic capper for intermittent applications at maximum torque is 500 RPM.

Ranges Available

  • 0.5 in-lbs to 12.0 in-lbs
  • 4 in-lbs to 40 in-lbs