Swanmatic by Automation Devices

Anti-Tie Down Bars

Functionality of Anti-Tie Down Bar

This start bar is an OSHA compliant, ergonomic two-hand starting system designed for use with Swan-Matic benchtop cappers. By utilizing the start bar, productivity is increased and operator fatigue is minimized. The anti-tie down bar makes it necessary for the machine operator to have their hands on both start switches to start the capper. This minimizes the risk of accidents and injury.

Features include:

  • Cast aluminum enclosure
  • Front panel indicator lights
  • Guarded hand sensors and an anti-defeat (“anti-tie-down”) control
  • Meets the OSHA classification of “control reliability”
  • Uses double “positive guided” output that check for proper status prior to beginning a machine cycle
  • Ergonomically friendly providing a natural angle of the hand sensors
  • Guarded hand sensors allows actuation from only the side toward the machine operator